Shelley Serdahely“So many organizations that work with children facing challenges focus their attention on equipping those children, usually as individuals, to either live with that challenge or overcome it. CHC is unique in that it teaches children that we cannot do it alone. We need to reach out to each other for help and we need to give whatever we can. Working with CHC teaches all children that they have something to give, regardless of their own situation. It gives children the tools and life-long lessons of mutual support, generosity, understanding, and empathy. Is there ever a time when we do not need more of these qualities in the world? CHC is about healing, not about fixing problems.”

Shelley Serdahely
Executive Director,
Men Stopping Violence


Katie Miller“Our kids have loved every CHC activity they've had the opportunity to participate in, whether it was making Be Well Bears or delivering them to the hospital, and Kurt and I have cherished sharing with them the gift of helping someone else. The kids keep their zipper bags out at home ready to add any donation - a favorite toy (most recent add, a stretchy band!), a few coins - anything to bring to the next CHC event. Thanks to Michelle and the whole team at CHC for what you're doing in our community each and every day... your love and gift of teaching our little ones how every little hand can help make a difference is so inspiring and appreciated!”

Katie Miller
Mother of 2


Marilyn Stinson"The Be Well Bears have put smiles on the faces of so many wonderful children that walk through these doors daily. They are so lovable! Thanks to the CHC family for your valuable work in the community extending "Big LOVE" in such a profound way. CHC has ignited a cascade of love to children who have been exposed to domestic violence."

Marilyn Stinson
(Nia's Place)


Suzi Zeising"My children and I have loved working on projects with CHC. It is truly a grass roots organization born out of love, enthusiasm and energy. CHC ensures that the efforts of our children go directly to those children in need. This is the BEST volunteer experience for children. They really feel a part of it!"

Suzi Zeising
Mother of 3


Rev. E. Claiborne Jones "Emmaus House serves children in a zip code with the highest rates of child neglect and babies born drug positive in Fulton County. CHC's support, with food for meals, supplies for after school tutoring and art enrichment, and a willingness to share in our mission is immeasurably helpful and gratifying."

The Rev. E. Claiborne Jones
(Emmaus House)


Kimmy Umphenour"CHC is helping our family build a history of service to others. Even though my children are too little right now to truly understand what this means, I will one day look back with them and be able to say that they have been people of service for as long as they can remember. I will be able to point to the fun events, like decorating backpacks for Be Well Bear and caroling for Christmas, and say that from the time they were tiny, they have participated in the most sincere of human interchanges - giving to someone who needs them. And by experiencing this, they get the best gift of all!"

Kimmy Umphenour
Mother of 2


Tenise D. Fernandez - Camp Sunshine"Camp Sunshine is honored to be in the network of organizations that Children Helping Children supports. Michelle Hodgson and her team of volunteers and participates have been so generous to Camp Sunshine and have been very supportive of our programs. From stuffing Easter Eggs for our pre-school Spring Fling to taking on the task of assembling our summer camp friendship bracelets to donations of "Be Well Bears" for hospital camp. Thank you to Michelle and the whole team at CHC for supporting so many in our community in so many ways. You are teaching the children they too can make a difference in the world!"

Tenise D. Fernandez
(Camp Sunshine)


Jessica Corley"CHC has taught my daughter the joy of giving back to the community. This is a lesson that can be learned only by doing -- words do not suffice. The physical act of a child creating a gift for another child is very powerful. The act of delivering the finished product to the children in need completes the circle. In lieu of birthday presents for my son's first birthday, we asked for donations to CHC and were proud to contribute to CHC in this meaningful way. As a board member of CHC, I am inspired constantly by the energy and love that flows from the whole CHC team."

Jessica Corley
Mother of 2


Nicole Holley - Ronald McDonald House“Atlanta Ronald McDonald House Charities is grateful for the donation of 300 children’s books and 68 Be-Well Bears from Children Helping Children to distribute at the two local Ronald McDonald Houses. The book donation allowed us to start a new library for the children at our center. The cute and cuddly teddy bears were wearing backpacks that were decorated by the kids and filled with toys, stickers and coloring books! The children were overjoyed to discover their gift was not only a teddy bear, but was also filled with lots of fun surprises! We appreciate Children Helping Children for bringing smiles and laughter to our families. We look forward to working with them again in the future.”

Nicole Holley
(Ronald McDonald House)


Sandi Schittone"Children Helping Children is a forward thinking organization that allows both parents, teachers, and children to work together on the idea and execution of philanthropy. This organization has been a wonderful outlet to help support and foster my own ideas as a mother to raise “charitable children” . In a time where we all seem to want more than we give, this organization serves as a platform to remind us as parents to be more service oriented and to instill and teach those values to our own children. I can say with certainty and have witnessed the participation and creation of CHC projects and school fundraisers through children’s eyes and have seen the pride, accomplishment, empathy and gratitude they have displayed. This organization in my eyes still gives our children far more than we could ever return to it."

Sandi Schittone
Mother of 2