His Little Whisper

Cole Hodgson

10.17.07 - 10.21.07

Nine months ago you flew to me and landed in my heart The luckiest of everyone I was with you from the start Our first embrace you looked at me with knowledge in your soul I heard everything you said my love, it’s content pure and whole Thank you for our messages we needed every one I promise to tell others the most important one If each of you are silent during any point each day You’ll hear his little whisper that will help you on your way Faintly past the moonbeams, the stars and clouds above His voice is simply saying.....
There is only love, there is only love, there is only love.

- Michelle Hodgson

When a child dies, there is a loss so profound that all that is left behind is an emptiness that seems impossible to fill. In 2008, on what would have been Cole's first birthday, family and friends were looking for a way to cope with this tremendous void and also to honor this amazing little spirit and mark his life in a significant way. We gathered together to celebrate Cole's existence and express our gratitude for the messages of love he gave so many of us in the short time he was here - a little birthday party if you will. In lieu of gifts for him, the children who attended decorated bear packs and filled them with toys. They attached them to 100 teddy bears that were later delivered to our local children's hospital. The adults present were immediately aware of the magic that was created out of love that day. And the children, who invested a lot of thought and time in the creation of their "Be Well Bear", really understood that they were doing something important and a part of something much bigger than themselves. Cole Clayton Hodgson's monogram "CHC" remains a living part of our lives as CHC's Children Helping Children.