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At CHC we are sending our greatest well wishes to those who are directly affected by COVID-19. We are all doing our best to remain home during this time of social distancing. We take the health and safety of our children and their families seriously and acknowledge that for the time being it’s best to not physically be together. This might be hard for us and our community who is used to human contact, used to being together and the connection that brings. We have respect for, and understand that these germs are contagious. But we also realize there are many things that are beautifully contagious as well and nothing in the world can stop them:

  • Love is contagious.
  • Hope is contagious.
  • Gratitude is contagious.
  • Positive thinking is contagious.
  • Humor is contagious.
  • Having fun is contagious.
  • Giving is contagious.
  • Serving others is contagious.

Help us spread these things!! The CHC village is still asking for your connection. We still want you to GIVE BACK and HAVE FUN at home with your families. We still want you to shine your light and share that light with others. And if things feel out of control remember we all get to decide how we choose to look at things. We all have control over what we think. Words are powerful. We all get to choose faith over fear. And above all we proclaim, “LOVE cannot be quarantined!” Follow us on social media and share with all the kids, teens and families you know in the coming months. Virtually join us as we share our Compassion Curriculum we have become known for during the twelve years we have been serving the community. We invite you to ignite the light in your family and join us by participating. We will be sharing lessons and programs you can all do together to be more empathic and philanthropic. We will be providing calls to actions and real links to support children who need us most right now in our area nonprofits. And as always will be providing a virtual platform for your little philanthropist to shine!

There are so many images going around about cells affected by COVID-19. We decided to use an image of what truly heathy cells look like. We wish wellness of mind, body and spirit to all of you. We hold space for all of us to maintain our physical health and have paired this image with words that we believe to be deeply true “LOVE cannot be quarantined” to maintain our social and emotional health which is just as important as we navigate. We look forward to walking this journey with all of you. Together we will get through this and our strength will help others do the same.

Little hands … big LOVE!
Michelle Hodgson

Founder/Executive Director
Children Helping Children




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Who We Are

At Children Helping Children, we believe that every child has a gift. We call this light because a gift is something you give away, but light is something you share. Like a lighted candle that ignites another candle and transforms all who are present, both giver and receiver’s light gets brighter. All of us have needs and all of us have gifts. At CHC, we believe that the purpose of life is to discover those gifts and share them with others in the name of service, empathy and love. 

Compassion Curriculum


CHC’s custom Compassion Curriculum has been designed and tested for over a decade by educators and therapists as a collaborative effort to increase inner peace and outer kindness in kids in elementary, middle and high school.

How You Can Help


At CHC we like to recognize that service is not only a gift to the receiver, but often times the true gift, the deeper, more treasured gift is given to the giver. 

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