About CHC

At Children Helping Children (CHC), we believe that every child has a gift. We call this light because a gift is something you give away, but light, is something you share. Like a lighted candle that ignites another candle and transforms all who are present, both the giver and receiver’s light gets brighter. At CHC, our Compassion Curriculum asks our children two specific questions:

What Is your Light?

How will you share that light with others?

Our Compassion Curriculum is offered year round at the “Light and Love Loft (L3)” Wellness Center at King Plow, in schools and nonprofits through our outreach program and at our annual LOVEFEST! festival held at Piedmont Park. There, children find their light through art, music and play therapy. These spaces also serve as work centers for children to donate their time and resources and to assemble the kits, and donations we’ve become known for at CHC. As educators and therapists, we know that this kind of therapy we are offering is not only healing, but studies show that for brains not yet mature enough to fully understand abstract concepts, our concrete, sensorial experiences provide opportunities for incredible growth. Growth in ways that will raise children to not only become charitable in the traditional sense of the word, but ambassadors of peace, kindness and change in their families, schools and communities.

We believe when given the opportunities to express their own light, children will grow to be confident and self-reliant. With that sense of self, they see that same beauty in others. When children feel good about who they are, they treat others with the same kindness and respect they give themselves. We provide places where all children can be free to express, experience and nurture their own inner voice and then emphatically hear the voice of others. Working alongside other children in Atlanta with different backgrounds, belief systems, socioeconomic standings, abilities, races and religions, they will not only find out what makes them special, but soon realize how special others are as well. The experience will prompt the truest of all understandings; that we are all more alike than different. Atlanta can become a more harmonious and unified city. We can bridge cultural, economic, and spiritual differences. At CHC, we’re letting our children lead the way.

Our wellness center is available for use to partnering nonprofits who serve children to use in ways that support a collaboration of our mission statements. January through May is CHC’s Outreach Program where we bring our Compassion Curriculum to partnering schools, neighborhoods, churches and nonprofits. May through December we work intimately with our Junior Board of Directors, a group of teens between the ages of 12-16 who come from diverse backgrounds. These teens work together to create service projects of their choosing that ultimately benefit other nonprofits who serve children. They plan, execute and host our annual Little Hands … big LOVEFEST! in October. LOVEFEST! is a free service based festival open to all children in Georgia.


Since 2008, our children have created and donated thousands of service projects to nonprofits in Atlanta which include our signature “Be Well Bears” (teddy bears that wear backpacks filled with toys), camping gear/supplies for camp, children’s books, food, sneakers, backpacks/school supplies, birthday party gifts, art therapy buckets, educational toys/games, Christmas presents, formula/diapers, and toiletry items.