How You Can Help

At CHC we like to recognize that service is not only a gift to the receiver, but often times the true gift, the deeper, more treasured gift is given to the giver.

It is true, as Elbert Hubbard said that, “The love you give away is the only love you keep.” We keep Cole’s love in our heart by giving our love away to others. At CHC it is our honor to participate in the healing experiences we feel through the work of the children in our lives. It is our hope that we can share the magic of service and welcome as many children (and adults) into our organization as possible. Marian Wright Edelman said it best, “…for children from whom we expect too little and for those whom we expect too much; for those who have too little to live on and for those with so much they appreciate little; for children afflicted by want and for children afflicted by affluence in a society that defines them by what they have rather than by who they are – Your loving precious gift. Help us to welcome them into our hearts and communities.”

At CHC we like to recognize that service is not only a gift to the receiver, but often times the true gift, the deeper, more treasured gift is given to the giver. We believe our giving group is filled with incredible loving people who give with an energy that is internally driven and that creates a vibration that lifts us all up. It blesses all of us just to be a part of it. This is the energy behind CHC. We are always looking to expand our village and offer others to join our community of love. We invite you to join us and truly believe it will not only grace this city with our collective light, but personally bless you and your lives. Our CARE, SHARE, GIVE program gives you many volunteer opportunities that can easily fit your lifestyle and intentions for how you choose to live in the world. We invite you to choose one, two or all three!!


CARE This subsection is for those of you who care to give your time.  This doesn’t cost money.  It doesn’t require planning.  It’s just volunteer time to help with set up, clean up, inventory, organizing, photographing, etc.  These are our busy bees – our doers. If you volunteer for this category, we will send you Mailchimp invitations and Sign Up Genius links for very specific volunteer opportunities.  Generally speaking we can use help in October/November for LOVEFEST! (our service event run by our Junior Board of Directors) and August/September for Cocktails in the Clouds (our thank you event for annual sponsors), but there are always things to do at L3 year round.

SHARE – This is where we share our organization with our friends, families, business, etc.  We commit to using social media, speak of CHC in conversations, forwarding emails/invitations etc. to our personal community to EXPAND THE VILLAGE!!! It doesn’t cost money, it takes very little time and effort but really makes a HUGE difference.  The more people who surround CHC the more children we can help! 

GIVE – If time is an issue, but financial resources not, simply write a donation check personally and mail it to: Children Helping Children 887 W Marietta Street S109, Atlanta, GA 30318.  If your own finances are tight, but your friends are looking for ways to give right now, host a party at your house or L3 and let us do a casual presentation about CHC.  This is at the heart of our INVITE THE LIGHT campaign. Consider hosting an INVITE THE LIGHT event or learning more about it by contacting us personally. Perhaps your company or a business you know is looking for a cause they can get excited about.  Please let us know and we’d love to send them one of these promotional folders that have everything needed to learn all about us. If each one of you gave two folders to someone in your business community we could exponentially multiply our financial support.  In kind donations have literally been a HUGE form of support for CHC for many years.  Maybe you have items to donate to our silent auction, or know businesses that already produce items we use in programming (Crayons, toys, canned food, etc.).  Review and encourage your children and your friends’ children to view our wish list on our website and/or to make a financial contribution the same way.  However you choose to give, know this … YOU MATTER!!!!! In big ways or small each compassionate intention generates ripples of positivity and joy. Even sitting down to read this folder is a gift! Thank you, thank you, thank you for your support!!!!!