CHC's Compassion Curriculum

CHC’s custom Compassion Curriculum has been designed and tested for over a decade by educators and therapist as a collaborative effort to increase inner peace and outer kindness in kids in elementary, middle and high school.

The curriculum incorporates a multi-sensory approach where students are engaged in thematic units centered around a specific value (empathy, managing big feelings, acceptance of differences, etc.) and a specific philanthropic need (hunger, illness, support of all developmental abilities) We use hand-picked award winning literature chosen specifically to teach concepts through a multitude of subject areas (math, writing, reading, history, science, theater, art) to involve the student in a hands-on opportunity which ultimately ends in a service project that benefits a recipient nonprofit that serves children in Georgia.


Preschool / Elementary School

For our youngest youth philanthropists, an example of our customized curriculum program may begin with brief teacher directed instruction whereby students are read literature and poetry that focuses on one compassion concept. This is followed by a child-centered activity engaging the learner to make his/her creative mark on the project. We end with a culminating activing with a “take home” for students to recall to parents about their experience.


Middle School

For our adolescent teens, a customized program empowers them to become the teachers/leaders.  We often ask lot of questions to infuse their ideas into the curriculum and offer opportunities to meet at our wellness center in a collaborative working environment with other like hearted students.


High School

At this stage the kids are able to seek problems in their own community, use the tools they’ve learned at CHC and then take it to the next level of independence – some start their own nonprofits based on ideas generated while others commit to annual events that support their philanthropic foundations