Our Village

Our Village of dedicated volunteers share a passion for the misson and sustainability of Children Helping Children.

Michelle Fabulich Hodgson

Founder & Executive Director

Michelle’s journey with meditation began before she even knew what it was. As a little girl, she found solace in her backyard in the arms of a weeping willow and in the earth of her family’s garden. The inner stillness brought balance and a  sense of ancient wisdom that she grew to understand was God guiding and co-creating life within her. An Inner knowing that would be the platform for her own work with children and women. 

Executive Board

Kim Cooper

Sr. Board President

Kim is most notably known for founding Stars and Cigars, an annual community for Make-A-Wish Georgia.

Katherine Dierdorff

Sr. Board Vice President
Katherine is a trained Orton-Gillingham Professional and tutors Elementary-aged Children diagnosed with Dyslexia.

Sherry Artesiano

Sr. Board Secretary
Sherry is a mix of her mom's southern heritage and her dad's northern roots. Raised outside of Philadelphia she got to see firsthand the power of her community and the compassion of people helping people.

Brigitte Killings

Sr. Board Treasurer
Brigitte Morrow Killings has more than 20 years in the financial services industry with 17 years dedicated to home lending.

Nicole Daniel

Sr. Board Director of Operations
Nichole has non-profit experience in the animal welfare area, serving on the boards of project PURR and CAA. 

Jade Ladson

Sr. Board LOVEFEST! Event Coordinator
J. Ladson’s ability to turn clients’ thoughts and ideas into one-of-a-kind, unimaginable experiences has led the Founder & Owner to becoming one of the most sought after in the event planning industry.

Maura Daniel

Sr. Board Resource Development
Maura Daniel is a marketing professional with a passion for causes and the purpose driven companies that support them.

Julie Kutler

Sr. Board Social Media Coordinator
Born in Dallas, Texas, Julie grew up in a family that always valued giving back to the community.

Candace Kollas

Sr. Board Legal Advisor
Candace specializes in delivering concrete new solutions to today's toughest HR and Employment-law-related challenges.

Advisory Board

Evelyn Mims

Advisory Board
Evelyn Mims combines the passion of a trailblazer with the experience of an industry insider and fits perfect with CHC.

Holli Hines Easton

Advisory Board
Holli has served on the Board of Directors for: Sweetwater Brewing Company, Children Helping Children, Sugga’s Industries. She now serves on the Advisory Board for CHC. 

Kysha Cameron

Advisory Board
Kysha has served on numerous boards and committees in leadership roles and service organizations.

Lisa Washington

Advisory Board
Lisa is the CEO of B'tyli Wellness and Beauty Co., and an expert in work/life balance and taking a holistic approach to living your best.

Sunda Uzzell

Advisory Board
Within her community, Sunda serves as a Board member for CHC and volunteers at many places in Atlanta. 

Tatiana Jones

Advisory Board Director
Tatiana believes in the magic of love and life, the strength and majesty of all, and the power of stillness and self-mastery.